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DJ Magnetta - (The Art of the Drop: How DJ Magnetta Creates Euphoric Techno Moments)

DJ Magnetta - (The Art of the Drop: How DJ Magnetta Creates Euphoric Techno Moments)

DJ Magnetta isn't just a name; it's a passport to a sonic journey across continents and cultures. Her music, a captivating blend of organic house, downtempo, ethno grooves, and afro house pulsates with soul and ignites dance floors worldwide.

From Piano Prodigy to Global DJ:

  • Magnetta's musical roots trace back to her classical piano training, laying the foundation for her intricate and expressive style.

  • In 2007, she launched her DJ career in Kazakhstan, initially under the moniker "DJ Malina," gaining valuable experience and success through a collaborative project with other female DJs.

  • After embarking on a solo journey, she dominated the club and bar scene in Almaty and across Kazakhstan, establishing herself as a leading talent.

New Name, New Horizons:

  • In 2019, she reemerged as the magnetic force we know today – DJ Magnetta. This pivotal shift marked the beginning of her international ascent.

  • From dazzling beach clubs in Egypt and the Maldives to the iconic Pacha club in Egypt, Magnetta's electrifying sets captivated audiences around the globe.

  • Her mesmerizing mixes transcended borders, finding airplay on radio stations worldwide, further solidifying her reputation as a sought-after international DJ.

Dubai Calling:

  • Today, Magnetta calls Dubai her home base, crafting her sonic magic from this vibrant hub. She continues to light up dance floors across the world, capturing audiences with her signature blend of global rhythms and contagious energy.

What Sets Magnetta Apart:

  • Genre-bending mastery: Magnetta's seamless blend of organic house, downtempo, ethno influences, and afro house sets her apart, creating a unique and electrofing soundscape.

  • Global appeal: Her music connects with diverse audiences, transcending cultural barriers and uniting listeners through the universal language of rhythm.

  • Dynamic performer: Magnetta's unifying energy and stage presence ignite dance floors, creating unforgettable experiences for her audiences.

Ready to embark on a musical adventure? Follow DJ Magnetta and let her global beats guide you!

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