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Mr.100 Power House (A Grinders Anthem)

Updated: Mar 12

Launched June 9th, 2023, "Mr.100 Power House" has steadily built momentum - 270K Spotify streams and a whopping 10.9M+ on SoundCloud! Working alongside 100Wreckordz LLC and Mr.100, we've made big moves for this hot track.

Mr.100 Power House (A Grinders Anthem)

Mr.100 - Power House (A Grinders Anthem)
Mr.100 - Power House

Mr.100 Power House

Ready to fuel your hustle? Crank up "Power House" by Mr.100 of 100Wreckordz, a potent blend of a mid-tempo beat and laid-back vibes. This track's smooth rhythm and Mr.100's authentic flow will grab your attention and push you to conquer any obstacle.

Mr.100 Power House is a dedication to the relentless grinders, the ones who refuse to quit despite the odds.  Listen to the hard-hitting bass and smooth vocals blend seamlessly, creating a genuine and original flow that's impossible to ignore. Put this on repeat and let it soundtrack your next victory.

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Let's keep the grind alive together!

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