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Shadow On The Beat - Next Weekend (Trending On SoundCloud)

Updated: Jan 20

Shadow on the Beat's "Next Weekend" dropped on SoundCloud a month ago, and through a collaborative effort, we've propelled it past 1 million streams!

Shadow On The Beat - Next Weekend

Shadow On The Beat - Next Weekend
Shadow On The Beat - Next Weekend

Shadow On The Beat has created a niche for himself in both RnB and Hip-Hop, repeatedly showcasing his genre-bending expertise within his creativity. His latest track, "Next Weekend," has already surpassed a staggering 1.1 million streams on SoundCloud, a testament to his ability to consistently create ear catching music. But Shadow's talents extend beyond the mic or his clever hooks. He's also the mastermind behind the production of "Next Weekend," and many others, demonstrating his versatility and unique understanding of sonic architecture. This hot single is just the tip of the iceberg , with Shadow On The Beat consistently working, expect even more intriguing content to come.

Show your support! Stream "Next Weekend" on SoundCloud and beyond, follow Shadow On The Beat for future releases, and share this fire with your crew. Let's push "Next Weekend" to even greater heights!

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